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Girltopia: A World of Real Conversations for Real Girls. *(Aust Pub)




Girltopia: A World of Real Conversations for Real Girls. *(Aust Pub)

The 70 cards in the Girltopia set create a world of luscious plants, soulful animals and quirky architecture. A place in which girls and women are honoured for who they are and where they’re at; where exploring the risky edges of conversation and feeling is lively, supported, and very often a great adventure; The Girltopia cards will naturally lead where conversations can focus on such territory as ‘Who I am’ and ‘Who are we?’ and ‘How can I feel at ease in my own body?’


These cards are suitable for classrooms and will be a valuable resource for studying human development, social and emotional literacy, health and wellbeing, ethics, and identity.

There are five suits in the Girltopia card set:


Me (8 cards)


The ME suit draws on the power of telling stories. Using simple sentence starters and delightful design, participants are invited to tell stories about themselves and to hear those of others. In telling our stories we communicate our sense of who we are, where we are from, and how we are similar to, and different from, those around us.


Doing (11 cards)


The DOING cards are intended to draw out conversations with girls about their actions and activities. In seeing themselves as active, with the power to choose and create, girls can build an appreciation of their own skills, preferences and individuality, as well as those of others.


Feeling (21 cards)


The FEELING cards are designed to foster emotional intelligence, assisting girls to name, communicate and consciously navigate feelings. As this awareness grows, girls have more choice about how they want to respond and the outcomes they want to achieve.


Body (17 cards)


The BODY suit cards create opportunities for girls to deepen their understanding and appreciation of their changing female bodiesÑthrough questions, conversations and sharing experiences.


Us (13 cards)


The US suit cards are designed to prompt thought, discussion and exploration about girls’ social life and relationships. Through questions and other conversational prompts girls are able to explore many of these complex and potent arenas, sharing wisdom and developing understanding and strategies, often before tricky social situations arise.




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