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Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenage Girls




Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenage Girls

Developing Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Respect


Tina Rae, Lorna Nelson and Lisa Pederson


`I personally trialled the introductory chapter with a new Year 7 class and found it a valuable opportunity to discuss group dynamics and establish a set of guidelines known as ‘Girl’s World Group Rules’ which we will use to encourage the form to work together as a team and take responsibility, not only for themselves, but for ensuring the well being of others in the class' - Nurturing Potential


`A timely book and targeted specifically at the needs of adolescents girls, which is a focus often not well me by published resources. It is highly recommended and good value at £18.99' – SNIP


As girls mature into adolescence they often experience a crisis in terms of loss of self-esteem and identity, leaving them vulnerable to both peer and society pressures. This resource creates an opportunity for teenage girls to be clearer and more positive about their developing identities as young women.


The 10-session programme improves confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness, with the talk element encouraging students to develop their own problem-solving strategies. Issues covered include:

  • peer pressure
  • sex
  • role models
  • drugs and alcohol
  • being a parent.

Comprehensive facilitator's notes and all resources needed for the programme, which is suitable for use in mainstream schools, are provided. Once again, Tina Rae and her colleagues have devised an engaging, relevant and popular initiative.


Published 2005, 87pp, A4 Softcover + CD-ROM

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