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Circle Time for Junior Primary *(Aust Pub)




Circle Time for Junior Primary *(Aust Pub)

Suitable for 5 - 9 year olds.


Circle Time for Junior Primary is a set of 40 sessions covering topics including:

Introducing Circle Time

Welcome others

Work Together

Work Together

Get to Know Others

Find Things in Common with Others


Appreciate Others

Join In

Be Safe at School


Get Help for Things

Help Others

Use Friendly Manners

Be friendly in the Classroom

Take Care of Things

Be Honest

Learn From Mistakes

Forgive Others

Be Fair and Follow Rules

Look On the Funny  Side of Things

Be Positive

Try to Make Others Happy in the Classroom

Discover Feelings in Common

Notice Feelings

Notice Feelings

Notice Feelings

Listen to your Feelings

Ask for Help

Find Things that make you Special

Do Things You Enjoy

Celebrate Special Occasions

Be calm

Stop and Calm Down

Plan Ways to be Calm

Talk about your Worries

Know what makes you Happy

Be Happy in the Classroom

Behave in a Friendly Way

Do Your Best


Each session includes a welcoming activity, warm ups, main activity, discussion question, concluding activity and follow up suggestions.  Each session is on an A5 card which makes the resource easy to use for the teacher when conducting the session.  There is also a session planner included, so that teachers may adapt sessions as required.

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