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Beginners Guide to Circle Time with Primary School Students *(Aust Pub)




Beginners Guide to Circle Time with Primary School Students *(Aust Pub)

Circle Time is a simple methodology for learning in a group. In fact, it is so simple that sometimes people may underestimate its power.andnbsp; The author describes how Circle Time is an effective way of teaching Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Character Education, as well as being a method that promotes safety, inclusiveness, fun, team work and deep thinking. The Beginner's Guide to Circle Time explains: 

  • What is Circle Time?
  • Role of the Facilitator
  • How do you do Circle Time?
  • Managing behaviour


It provides explanations and instructions for all the types of Circle Time strategies for junior, middle and upper primary including:

  • Welcoming and Name Games
  • Rapport Building Games
  • Sentence Completions
  • Pair-Share
  • Sequencing Games
  • Stories
  • Pass Around the Circle Games
  • Mixing Games
  • Silent Statements
  • Imagination Games
  • Team Games


Also included is an explanation of the importance of reflection as part of the Circle Time process and easy to use reflection sheets that may form the basis of a student journal. Resource sheets for feelings, behaviour, character education, Circle Time themes, sample sessions and session planners all make this a comprehensive and practical resource for teachers.


2009, 56 A4 pages

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